1. Cricket Ground
    • Faith Cricket Club contains Two full size i.e 72 mtrs Boundary Cricket Ground.
    • Each of the Two grounds furnished with 5-5 Turf Wickets prepared by Experts.
    • Both the grounds are equipped with well designed Drainage system to ensure the early repair of Playing Condition during the wet season.
    • Full sized movable site screens of White & Black colours.
    • Both the Grounds equipped with four-four Tower Mounted High Resolution Sports Camera to capable of Live Telecast & Recording with effective angles.
  2. Dressing Room
    • Faith Cricket Club contains Two Big Size Dressing Rooms.
    • Big size Air Conditioned Dressing Rooms separately for both the ground attached with Pantry & washrooms.
    • Air Conditioned Commentator Room with attached washroom.
    • Air Conditioned Scorer Room with attached washroom.
    • Air Conditioned Match Referee Room with attached washroom.
    • Officials/ Observers / Selectors Room.
  3. Covers & Rollers
    • Provision of required standard of Covers and Rollers are worked out in the project.
  4. Net Practice Area
    • Total 10 no. of Turf Wickets prepared by experts covered with Nets are provisioned.
  5. Presentation Area
    • A covered ceremonial presentation area of good size is provisioned.
  6. Spectators Stands
    • Flexible chair mounted covered spectators stands to accommodate 200 spectators at each of the 2 Grounds.
  7. Utility Area for Spectators
    • Separate washroom for Ladies & Gents. Snacks & Cafeteria Counters.
  8. Indoor Practice Area
    • Faith Cricket Club is provisioning a Indoor Practice Area equipped with 3 wickets and Bowling machines.
  9. Gymnasium
    • A high Standard Big Size Air conditioned Gym that can meet the requirement of high class Cricketers is to be erected in the project.
  10. Swimming pool
    • A big size Swimming pool is designed with Sauna, Steam & Jacuzzi to facilitate the Cricketers.
  11. Lodging & Boarding Area
    • Dormitories :- 4 Air conditioned Dormitories, each 12 bedded attached with sizable dressing room & washrooms are designed to accommodate total 48 persons.
    • Hotel :-  20 Rooms Hotel is proposed to erect in this campus. All 20 Rooms are double bedded Air conditioned equipped with modern amenities .
  12. Kitchen & Restaurant
    • A hygienic kitchen & 2 Restaurant are designed for the requirement of players.
  13. First Aid & Dispensary
    • Building carries the provision of the above.
  14. Safety & Security
    • Well Fenced high Boundary wall equipped with electronic surveillance system is provisioned will be supported by experts security personals.
  15. Scope, Objectives & Activites, Faith Cricket Club will work to do following activities.
    • Offer Cricket Ground to Government/ Private / Organization & Association on rental basis for the matches and tournaments .
    • Offer Practice Area (Indoor & Outdoor) on rental basis to individuals and Associations for Short Term & Long Term Camps .
    • Faith Cricket Club decided to design various Tournaments & Leagues for different age groups and Formats throughout the Year.
    • Cricket Coaching Academy - decided to run a Cricket Coaching Center for Talented Cricketers under the guidance of Reputed Coaches.
    • Faith Crickets Club Offer a high class Lodging & Boarding Facility to the Cricketers & Concerned Officials with in the Campus on Nominal charges.



Cricket Ground

Faith Cricket Complex contains Two full size i.e 72 mtrs Boundary Cricket Ground.
Each of the Two grounds furnished with 8-8 Turf Wickets prepared by Expert Curators.

Dressing Room

Faith Cricket Club contains well equipped and beautifully furnished air conditioned dressing room complex.

Indoor / Outdoor Net Practice Area

Two well designed net practice areas with total 18 no. of turf wickets of various nature and 4 no. of stone tiled wickets prepared and maintained by the experts.

Lodging & Boarding Area

24 rooms luxurious air conditioned hotel run by professional trained staff to ensure best of services and care.
Deluxe air conditioned well-furnished dormitory

Kitchen & Restaurant

Very Hygienic kitchen and attractive air conditioned restaurant run by professional team to get all taste of India and sport fit diet in particular.

Safety & Security

Well fenced high boundary wall equipped with electronic surveillance system and expert security personals, Shows our zero tolerance stand on safety and security experience warden staying round the clock in hostel premises.