Cricket Ground

FCC Academy has Two full size, i.e. 72 meters’ boundary, Cricket Grounds. Each of the two grounds are installed with 8-8 Turf Wicket each, prepared by expert curators. VIP Box is available for VIP guests. Electronic Score Board with LED Display is also installed on the ground. The FCC Ground has ample seating capacity.
Ground Quality:
FCC has built the ground as per the ICC Standards and is suitable of organising the national and international matches. The turf laid on ground is soft and lush green which supports fielders in developing advance sliding diving fielding techniques. 
Ground Facilities:
Our ground is equipped with international standards facilities, enabling coaches to train students more effectively and efficiently. Specified areas for batting, bowling, fielding, as well as respective bench area for students and coaches. Ground sports a well-equipped and beautifully furnished Dressing Room. 
Coaching Facilities:
We provides facilities for the coaches for the betterment of students. As the student can be trained after the sunset as we installed floodlights covering every corner of the ground.


Cricket Ground

Faith Cricket Complex contains Two full size i.e 72 mtrs Boundary Cricket Ground.
Each of the Two grounds furnished with 8-8 Turf Wickets prepared by Expert Curators.

Dressing Room

Faith Cricket Club contains well equipped and beautifully furnished air conditioned dressing room complex.

Indoor / Outdoor Net Practice Area

Two well designed net practice areas with total 18 no. of turf wickets of various nature and 4 no. of stone tiled wickets prepared and maintained by the experts.

Lodging & Boarding Area

24 rooms luxurious air conditioned hotel run by professional trained staff to ensure best of services and care.
Deluxe air conditioned well-furnished dormitory

Kitchen & Restaurant

Very Hygienic kitchen and attractive air conditioned restaurant run by professional team to get all taste of India and sport fit diet in particular.

Safety & Security

Well fenced high boundary wall equipped with electronic surveillance system and expert security personals, Shows our zero tolerance stand on safety and security experience warden staying round the clock in hostel premises.